Different Type Of Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are electromechanically controlled valves that are commonly used to control the liquid or gas flow. There are various types of solenoid valves working indifferent patterns but pilot or direct operated valves are getting more popular. The pilot operated valve is mostly used to utilize the line pressure to close and open the major orifice in the body of the valve. On the other hand, directly operated valve helps in opening and closing the main orifice directly, which is known as the flow path of the valve. Before buying solenoid valves online, it is better to know more about them.

Types of valves

Direct operated –  The working principle of this valve is much simple in comparison to others. It usually helps in small orifice that is generally closed with a plunger or by the rubber basket at the bottom. A small spring of the valve holds the plunger in the bottom that helps in closing the valve. The plunger of the valve is mainly made of ferromagnetic material which is surrounded by the electric coil. When the coil gets the electrical charges, it helps in creating a magnetic field that pulls the plunger in the upward direction and the centre of the plunger does its work.

Indirect or pilot operated – Pilot or indirect valves mainly use the pressure of the medium on the ports of the valves that help in opening and closing. The important thing is that these types of valves generally require some difference in the pressure of around 0.5 bars. The outlet and the inlet of the valve is differentiated by diaphragm which is a rubber membrane.