Different Types Of Driving Schools

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Driving school is now become very important for the amateur drivers. In many places, attending the driving schools is compulsory so that people can get well aware of the driving rules and also do the safe and secure driving. These driving schools can help the driver in many ways as they not only get the legal information but they also learn how to fix small repairs of the car. In Leeds, there are many different types of driving schools available that provide various courses.

In Leeds, intensive driving courses are categorized into many different categories such as exotic driving course, defensive driving course etc. These courses can be provided by the single driving schools as well as there are other particular driving schools also available that provide one particular course.

Driving schools

Exotic driving schools – these driving schools are generally for those drivers who want to pursue their career in motor sports. These driving schools sharpen the skills of the driving in an individual. This type of driving school also teaches how to control the vehicle in different circumstances.

Defensive driving schools – this type of driving school is for those who get caught for violating the traffic rules multiple times. These driving schools teach such people how to drive following all the rules and regulations. This is the type of school that generally gets the members from the police department send by the judge to the schools. Generally, judge sends those people in this school who are on the verge of getting their license suspended.


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