Control The Functionality Of Vehicle’s Engine Through Remapping

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Modern cars have the engine control units (ECU) which is considered as the brain of the engine. It consists of the processor which is responsible for sending information from different sensors through the engine. The sensors attached in the cars are providing information like pedal angle of accelerator coolant temperature, burnt exhaust air flow into the engine and many more. When the sensor has access to this information, it directs the engine to consume right quantity of fuel at the right time for improving the performance and fuel economy. If you feel that your car is not yielding the desired output or its performance has been lowered over the period of time, then you should get your car’s engine remapped.

engine remapping

Ignition remapping for improving the performance

During the process of engine remapping, ECU processing chip is analyzed and various parameters are adjusted in the map according to the requirements. This alters the control of your vehicle and you will be able to have the fine tuning of various characteristics of engine. During the ignition remapping, some of the parameters of engine which are remapped are:

  • fuel pressure
  • torque
  • throttle pedal response
  • ignition advance curves
  • enhanced rev range

Improvement of these parameters accelerates the performance of your car and you will be able to drive in your own way. Generally, people who want to upgrade their old cars or have electronically controlled fuel injection, get their car’s engine remapped.  For remapping, programming of the motherboard of engine is changed accordingly for getting the desired performance output.


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