Few Common Fashion Mistakes That Can Ruin The Image Of A Person

People have long-held habits that they refuse to break. Dressing in a clothing style that does not look appropriate for your age, size or gender would cast a negative impression in front of people. When buying clothes, it is very important to learn about the right clothes to wear. Wearing perfectly fit clothes not only make you confident but also bring loads of appreciation.

Avoiding horizontal stripes clothing

With a majority of skinny clothes available in the market, plus sized women find it very hard to get their right size. Plus size caftans are the best clothing for healthy women. These comfortable clothes make their day cosy and night relaxing.

dresses plus size

The body size of bulky women does not allow them to pursue fashion trends and have far fewer options available to them in terms of clothing. Plus size caftans are available in several sizes, lengths and shapes to suit the requirement of every woman.

Many girls and women do not like wearing tops with horizontal lines. This is a strict no for plus sized women. If such dress is designed well and fits well then wearing it on classy dark jeans is sure to flatter any women. Also, a girlie full-length skirt with horizontal stripes or a horizontal striped overcoat would make any women look adorable.

Discarding white colour garments from the wardrobe

Many people find white as a dull and boring colour that can be only be worn in the summer season. On the contrary, a fashion designer believes that this colour gives a fresh and modern look to a person. You can include white cotton, canvas, linen, white wool, fur, cashmere, silk, and leather to look elegant and beautiful in every season.

Don’t worry about the size

Don’t be too particular about finding your same size. Clothes of different brands with the same size may provide you different fitting. So, it is better to look how well the cloth fits on your body than focusing on its size.

Give a modern twist to your wardrobe

To stay in style, it is important to dress in accordance to the current fashion trends. Replace your same old leggings and sneakers by stylish, sleek skinny jeans, cropped leather jacket or a vintage flow midi skirt.

Introducing these little changes in your wardrobe would render a contemporary touch to your personality. Accompany your wardrobe with the right makeup, moderate accessories, handbags and ankle boots to make it look more interesting.

Avoiding these common fashion mistakes saves you from becoming an object of laugh and criticism. Dressing in a sensible manner cast a positive impression on the people and open up a world of opportunities in personal and professional life.

Handmade Designer Leather Handbags Steal The Show

There is something with things designer and handmade. While the word designer itself means something superior, exclusive, and expensive, if we add the word handmade to it, it becomes extra special. In the time of machines ruling industries of every type, handmade products are less and far. Machine make things faster and cheaper, however they make them very common too. When things are handmade, they become extra special, though might turning out a tad costly. The same applies to handmade leather bags.

young lady with leather bag

Fashion plays an important aspect in not just the clothes we wear, but also the handbags we carry. With women, it needs to be extra special, since no two women like being caught wearing the same dress or carrying the same handbag to a party. Handmade leather bags that come exclusively from the house of top notch designers are often designed with extreme care, with every detail being considered for that special feel. Right from the kind of stitch to the quality of button and zipper, every handbag is designed with a lot of effort, time and myriad designs and materials. This makes them premium and unusual. In fact, every designer piece claims to be one of a kind, with no duplicates.

Designers keep some factors in mind while designing few yet exclusive leather handbags for women Sophistication, trend, functionality etc. are some of the factors that run prime when designing these articles. Whether you are planning to carry them on casual or formal occasions, these tend to go with almost every occasion. You can find leather handbags in almost every colour with designs as per the fashions trend. Making a fashion statement is easy with leather handbags, since these never go out of style but just reinvent themselves. Therefore, you can find leather handbags with tassels, sequin, studs, and a lot more trending this season.

Not only are these leather bags stylish, but they score high on functionality too. They are spacious so that you can carry important stuffs in them. Choose a handbag that complements your personality and the occasion. Fashion might dictate a certain look, but it might not go down well with your attire or personality. Leather handbags suit every age group-be it college going girls or professional women. Though they are expensive, if you are considering leather and designer both in the same line, they are worth for generations.

Customized Silicone Bracelets – Cheap And Effective Promotional Tools

Several companies and NGOs use different products as a promotional tool to promote their product or spread awareness. However, selecting the right product for the cause can make a great deal of difference. If you are still confused in finalizing a promotional product for your event or fundraising campaign, you can consider customized silicone bracelets. The rubber silicone bracelets are today widely used as an effective tool for brand promotion, fund raising, spreading awareness, sports events etc. in a budget friendly manner.

Why use rubber customized silicone bracelets?

There are several reasons due to which rubber silicone bands are considered as the best. Some of them are as follows.

  • Cheap – the rubber bands are priced low in comparison to bands that are made up of other materials. Ordering in bulk can also be a great way of minimizing the overall cost of the bands to a great deal.
  • Highly customizable – rubber bands can be customized easily into different shapes and patterns. You can select a specific design, color and message that you wish to get printed on the band and get the customized band delivered to your doorstep.
  • Durable – the silicone wristbands are very durable and do not tamper or cause any trouble in extreme heat conditions. They are skin friendly and can be worn for long hours.

So, if you have a low budget, you can go online, design your band and get quotes from different manufacturers for your overall project. This will help you in getting your order at the best prices.