Advantages Of Promotional Pens In Marketing Process

No matter how many technical innovations and digital gadgets are introduced in the market, pens have their own importance. It is due to this fact that they can be effectively used as a promotional product for the branding process. There are several advantages of using the promotional pens in the marketing process as they not only have a wide reach but are also considered as a souvenir. Some of the major advantages of considering novelty pens for promotion are further discussed in the article.


  • The major advantage of using pens as a promotional tool is that they are cheaper and a perfect for low marketing strategies. They can be easily prepared in huge numbers using cheap material that meets the minimum quality standards.
  • Promotional pens serve as a timeless gift for almost every occasion. It can be gifted on shows, sales, anniversaries etc.
  • You can use your creativity in preparing a specific and unique design for the pen. Custom made designs make it a trademark of the company which is brand specific. Considering different materials like wood, metal or plastic is also necessary and totally dependent on the budget of the company. Some ideas regarding pen designing might include capped pens, twist pens, click pens etc.
  • Novelty pens also find a place in the pen holders of the people as they are used in daily lives. As these pens have a brand logo, they make it evident and noticeable among the people, which is an essential requirement for brand recognition.